[title size="2"]ASAP has been designed to help the following types of groups:[/title]

[content_box title="Community Arts" image="" icon="" link="http://www.asapconnected.com/community-arts/" linktext="Learn More"]Offering arts & music classes such as private lessons, group lessons, ensembles, workshops and other offerings that focus on expanding knowledge and enjoyment of the arts to their local community. [/content_box]

[content_box title="Community Education"  image="" icon="" link="http://www.asapconnected.com/solution-after-school/" linktext="Learn More"]Offering classes and events to their local community such as after school programs, enrichment programs, recreation classes, summer camps and other community education focusing on helping their community stay healthy, active and involved.

[content_box last="yes" title="Continuing Education" image="" icon="" link="http://www.asapconnected.com/solution-registration-class-management/" linktext="Learn More"]Offering lifelong learning and professional development to their community need a system as powerful and comprehensive as ASAP. ASA has thirty years of experience serving lifelong learners. Whether you are a college, university, professional development school or offer technical training, ASAP helps you manage and track your students from registration through completion and beyond.[/content_box]

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[title size="2"]The Core[/title]
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Online Registration

  • Custom website
  • Single, Family & Company accounts
  • The latest media tools

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Class Management

  • Simple setups
  • Schedules, rosters & attendance
  • Online or on-site

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  • Built-in filtering
  • Robust sorting and data modification
  • Access over 100 reports.

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  • All-in-one accounting
  • Up-to-the-instant reports
  • Executive dashboard with custom metrics.

[title size="2"]And More[/title]
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