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Product Specialist

About the Company 

At ASAP we build products to support schools and educators, making their processes more efficient and giving them more time to focus on students. We have a strong focus in Community Education but work with a wide range of schools including music and art schools, adult literacy programs, youth enrichment, and more. We stand out as a leader in this market with an enterprise product that covers all of the needs of a large education organization.

With over 30 years in business we are a unique company that provides the stability of an established and profitable company with the excitement of a new product and high year-over-year growth.

This position is specifically for our satellite office in DC working with our east coast client services team.


The Position

As the Product Specialist you will oversee one or more of the many modules that make up the ASAP product. From managing customer support issues, to testing, writing articles, and working directly with the Director of Product on features and enhancements, this position is one of the most dynamic within our company.

The Product Specialist is an entry level position with a built-in growth path that begins with a focus on customer service and quality assurance where you learn your slice of the product through helping customers solve problems and validating fixes from the Engineering team. As you become more comfortable with your feature set you will begin to spend more time writing articles, training new clients, and eventually writing specs for engineers to help make the product even better!

As our first front-line product specialist on the east coast this position will also be responsible for initial responses to client tickets submitted in the morning from our east coast clients.

Skills and Requirements

What’s required to succeed in this role

  • Ability to communicate clearly and positively with both technical and non-technical customers
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • An eye for detail, with a hint of perfectionist
  • Ability to work well under pressurek

What else can I bring to the table?

We are a small company and everyone has the opportunity to contribute and learn outside of their designated role. And this is especially true as a Product Specialist. There are so many ways to use your skills. Like working with video? Great, we need help making better product videos. Like HTML/CSS, or graphic design? We always need help with layouts and design. Have a special knack for breaking a complex problem down into a simple and easy-to-understand solution? You’re hired!
Seriously though, it’s truly a team effort around here and while it is crucial that you have the necessary drive and skills to be successful in a customer-facing role, we’d also like to know what other ways you might fit in and where you might be the most successful.


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