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After School Programs

Now Comes In “Stress-Free”

Save money, worries, and time with ASAP: the simple, paperless solution for handling online registration, payment processing, attendance, reporting, staff and room management — all in one easy-to-use program.

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[title size="1"]Features[/title]

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Totally in the Cloud

When you use ASAP, you get all the perks of cloud services. That means more power in your hands, and less grey hair on your head.

  • Forget Hassling With Installations
  • Access Anytime, From Any Device
  • Get More Done, Easier and Faster


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Robust Financial Management

ASAP is flexible enough to handle recurring billing, and variable rates based on days of the week, payment plans, and more.

  • Rates Based on Circumstance
  • Recurring Billing at Any Frequency
  • Configure Payment Plans


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Comprehensive Reporting

Access powerful, easy-to-use reports to better understand trends in your program’s enrollments, financials, and performance.

  • Easily Export to Excel
  • Filter Your Data
  • Know More, Do Better


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