909, 2016

New Look in Calendar for Pending and Trial Lessons

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Now you can tell which private lessons have been paid for, which are still awaiting payment, and which are trial lessons, right from the calendar: A paid lesson has a solid gray border; an unpaid lesson has a dashed border, and a trial lesson has the word “Trial” after the title of the lesson.

609, 2016

Design Changes To The Private Lesson “Enroll” Page

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We’ve made a few changes to the design of the private lesson enroll page.  The goals were to make the page easier to use, easier to learn for new staff members, and to move things higher up on the page so you don’t have to scroll as much.

The page still works exactly as it did before. All of the same features and options are there, although some have been combined or re-arranged a bit (look below for more details).

Here’s what the page looks like now (click on the image to see the full-size version):

And here’s a quick list of some of the items that have been re-arranged or combined:

We’ve hidden the student’s information so […]

3108, 2016

Announcing ASAP Online Registration 2.0

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One of our goals at ASAP is to make the online registration process as easy as possible for your customers. We believe the only time you should hear from a student or parent is when they call to tell you how happy they are and not to ask for help signing up for a class or paying a bill.

With that goal in mind, I’m pleased to announce the launch of a completely redesigned and rebuilt ASAP online registration site. The new design is based on years of feedback from our clients and can be summed up in the following four statements:

It’s mobile friendly.

The new site was built from the ground up to look […]

3008, 2016

Friday 8/26 – partial service disruption

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This is a follow-up on the partial disruption of service we experienced on our HSRP net between 08:30-08:50 PST on Friday, 8/26/2016.

The event that caused the disruption in service occurred “upstream” from the ASAP network at one of the core internet service providers. For some background, the ASAP network infrastructure is supported by a redundant HSRP circuit, which is backed by multiple ISPs. The ISPs supporting our Internet connectivity are Level 3, ATT, Verizon, and WV Fiber. Traffic to/from the Internet is load balanced between these 4 providers, and in the event of an catastrophic failure on one of these circuits, our traffic will continue to be supported by […]

2806, 2016

Lesson Schedule Change History

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As part of our push to provide more transparency into your private lesson scheduling and day-to-day management, we’ve added a new tab to the Private Lesson Detail screen titled “Lesson History”. Similar to the Invoice History tab on your invoices this is where you will find information on changes and updates to the current lesson, specifically with regard to schedule changes.

The new tab will show all of your changes, grouped by date, and let you know who made the change.

With this update the following changes are now being tracked:

– Lesson creation
– Rescheduling one or more lessons
– Cancelling one or more lessons
– Scheduling an unscheduled lesson
– Changing the instructor […]

2706, 2016

That driverless car is cute, but it’s going to replace millions of jobs

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We’re now seeing expanded press coverage and discussion about the impact of technology on workers in all types of jobs and industries. Yet I don’t think there is enough awareness across the general public or within government, especially in Washington. Awareness needs to be raised and raised fast.

People continue to blame trade and China and low-wage countries for destroying well-paying jobs, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Here in the U.S., we already see signs of a potentially enormous decrease in employment levels all across the country in hundreds of companies. Where are the former and future employees going to turn for jobs? There are always […]

2206, 2016

Update to the private lesson details grid

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This morning we published an update to the private lesson details grid to provide better differentiation on which items are actual scheduled lessons vs lessons that have been cancelled or rescheduled.

You’ll notice now that any lessons that have been cancelled due to attendance (ie: excused absences, instructor makeup, etc) will now show up as faded gray text. The numbering mechanism that is displayed in the first column of the grid will also no longer include these rows so the numbers in the grid should now correspond with the actual number of lessons as displayed in the summary at the top of the page.

This update is part […]

1905, 2016

ASAP Q4 Product Review

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Hi everyone, here’s a quick look at what we accomplished over the last three months of 2015 and a preview of what we’re working on next.

This last quarter was all about laying the foundation for future growth and product stability. As our customer base grows, the load placed on ASAP grows as well. While this isn’t an issue at the moment,  we could see that if we continued to grow at this pace, eventually it will affect the performance of our product.

Rather than wait until that day came we decided to put our other work on hold for a few months to focus on the kinds of foundational projects that will […]

1905, 2016

Where did the “Change Status” link go?

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You may have noticed that we’ve removed the “Change Status” link from the invoice detail page. By clicking that link you used to be able to change the status of an invoice from PAID to UNPAID, allowing you to add new items to that invoice or edit the amounts of existing items (you couldn’t previously add or edit items on a PAID invoice).

While having the ability to add or remove items from a paid invoice is important to some schools, allowing someone to change an invoice’s status to UNPAID when there’s a payment recorded against it would occasionally result in some strange behavior with the invoice, including the amounts on the invoice not totaling […]

505, 2016

Preview our new invoice detail page

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We’re excited to announce the beta release of our new invoice detail page, and we’d love to here what you think about it. Updating our invoice page has been a long time coming in regards to the display as well as functionality. As ASAP has grown over the years, more and more features have been added to accommodate the changing market. As such, we are making the new design available today as a public beta.

How To View The New Page

In order to view the new page, go to the original invoice detail page and click the “Check out the new Invoice Beta” link:

If you ever need to get back to the […]