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Class Management

Simplify Your Setup

The ASAP Class Management module helps organizations more efficiently administer their registrations, schedules and communications from one central portal on the web.

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[title size="1"]Features[/title]

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Database Management

Customize your categories and subcategories, modify class sessions, and regain control over your data.

  • Easily Import/Export Data
  • Sync Online and Printed Catalogs
  • Roll Classes to New Sessions


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Flexible Customer Types

Use customer types to better target your customers. Offer special deals to specific customer types.

  • Dynamically Set Pricing
  • Promote Targeted Deals
  • Control Offers and Access


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Activity Status Report

Financials, schedules, events… Get all the information you need on all your classes, all in one place.

  • Automated Renewal Reminders
  • Track Expiration Dates and Renewals
  • Optional Recurring Billing


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