More Art, Less Stress

The years of forcing your unique programs, admissions and scheduling systems into a canned solution that doesn’t fit are over now. Introducing the only registration + management system designed by Community Arts users, to your specs.

The Core

ASAP is web-based software designed to streamline the registration and management process. It includes all the advanced tools you and your staff need to manage diverse programs from anywhere at any time. Setting up a new system is remarkably easy and there’s nothing to install, update or maintain.

And More

The software solution for Community Arts schools, centers and related ventures is a custom package of modules that fully integrate but can be turned on or off as you need. It’s designed to give you exactly what you need without unnecessary bulk. Each organization can define its own feature set.

Case Study:

Community School of Music and Arts Selects a More User-Friendly System.


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  • Online Registration
  • Student and Class Management
  • Payments and Reporting

Private Lessons

  • Customize Your Inquiry Process
  • Manage Each, or Every, Lesson
  • Easy Enrollments and Payments

Member Services

  • Discounted Member Pricing
  • Promote Member Services
  • Facility Access and Check In/Out