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Fundraising & Donations

Raise More

Define multiple campaigns and collect donations online or in-house, measuring your progress towards goals visually. Automatically track donors and generate campaign-specific emails.

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[title size="1"]Features[/title]

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Donor Data Management

You want to know who is giving how much towards what campaigns. Effortlessly find out who your best donors are.

  • Know Your Donors
  • Follow the Money
  • One Seamless System


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Track Campaign Performance

Watch how each of your campaigns are performing in real time and on easy to read graphs.

  • Real-Time Data
  • User-Friendly Graphs
  • Improve Performance


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Communicate With Donors

Automatically notify donors of their contribution and provide information relevant for tax purposes.

  • Manual and Automatic Notifications
  • Feature Campaigns on Your Site
  • Increase Donations


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