[title size="1"]What Our Customers Are Saying[/title]

[testimonial name="Stephanie" gender="female" company="Univ. of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music Preparatory Department" link="http://register.asapconnected.com/default.aspx?org=1185" target="blank"]GREAT ADDITION
The pay now option that comes up when searching for a student is a great addition to the system![/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Julie" gender="female" company="City of Greenwood Village" link="http://register.asapconnected.com/default.aspx?org=1109" target="blank"]KNOWLEDGEABLE, HELPFUL AND FRIENDLY
Wanted to let you know how extremely helpful Shelley has been to us. We just wrapped up a phone meeting because we had some questions in advance of our big spring/summer registration. She is really knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Lots of good tips for moving beyond our current very basic use of ASAP. Much appreciated![/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Jean" gender="female" company="Milpitas Adult Education"]HATS OFF!
Hats off to Sergey! I have been having a problem with the PEP module at the end of every school year. It is such a pleasure working with you, you just don’t quit until the problem is resolved. I have always enjoyed working with the ASAP staff! Couldn’t find a better bunch of people.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Peggy" gender="female" company="Escondido Adult School"]FROM DINOSAURS TO SPACESHIPS!
Changing from our old system to the new ASAP is like going from dinosaurs to spaceships![/testimonial]

[testimonial name="John" gender="male" company="OSHA Training Center" link="http://osha.asapconnected.com/default.aspx?org=1891" target="blank"]AWESOME REPORTING
Thanks again for all of your work on getting us up and running. I got into ASAP reporting today and that is just plain awesome. I can’t wait to make the switch over to ASAP.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Kathy" gender="female" company="OC Sewing" link="http://register.asapconnected.com/?org=10" target="blank"]LOVE THE NEW CALENDAR
I just wanted to let you know that I am very grateful for all of the assistance I receive from the staff at ASAP. I love the new calendar when I go to the instructor page. Thanks again![/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Vittoria" gender="female" company="Mt. Diablo Adult Education" link="http://register.asapconnected.com/?org=1725" target="blank"]SO MUCH EASIER
I noticed there is a new work ticket and tracking system we are using for all the ASAP v3 development work still going on. It is now so much easier for me to track all the communications regarding a particular issue. Thanks to ASA for this improved accountability tool.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Maria Elena" gender="female" company="Torrance Adult School"]A WOW TOOL
That “report search” tool is a “Wow” tool. I love it. Yesterday morning, my boss asked for some information, I typed it and there it was. Wow!
I am the employee of the day.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Caroline" gender="female" company="Folsom Cordova Adult School" link="http://register.asapconnected.com/?org=1183" target="blank"]THANK YOU SO MUCH
for your assistance with my account. The customer service I received was outstanding and I appreciate you taking the time to help me. Wish all my customer service interactions in life were as pleasant and result-oriented as this one.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name="W" gender="male" company="Lifeline Aquatics" link="http://www.lifelineaquatics.com/" target="blank"]ASAP IS GREAT SOFTWARE!
I would recommend this to any business needing a setup already in place to assist with selling their products and services. Easy to set up and a great service. Easy to apply to your own existing website. No hassle to make changes, if needed, to existing classes. And gives great reports and print-outs for viewing by teachers and staff[/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Michael" gender="male" company="REMSA" link="http://www.remsa-cf.com/" target="blank"]GOOD SOLUTION TO MOVE BACK-END PROCESSES ONLINE
and save time and money. We use ASAP as our online registration and reporting tool for all our students. This has improved a lot of our back end administrative tasks, saving us money and offering our students a better service. The solution is robust and has all the features we need. The staff using the solution finds it friendly and it is easy to set up and get adoption from new users. We get complete reports that enable fine-grained digging, outstanding customer service, and a very friendly support team [/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Pamela" gender="female" company="Washington D.C. Parks and Recreation Department" link="http://dpr.dc.gov/DC/DPR" target=""]A WHOLE LOT EASIER
The ASAP training facilitated by Randy last week was cool! Randy was very efficient and patient (even with those not very literate on a computer) He was able to answer all of our questions and seemed happy to do so! Also, from the ASAP training, this system seems like it is a whole lot easier. Good choice guys![/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Amanda Bowers" gender="female" company="Teacher Education Institute" link="http://www.teachereducation.com/" target="blank"]LOVING IT!
Entering new registrations from the past week. LOVING IT! It is working very well.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Keira" gender="female" company="Sweetwater Pools" link="http://www.sweetwaterpoolsinc.com/" target="blank"]ASAP HAS BEEN A HUGE BENEFIT TO MY COMPANY
It has saved us countless manpower hours, stress and telephone lines needed. I was able to go from receiving about 200 incoming phone calls per day for swim lesson registration to about 20, thanks to the use of ASAP.
My company uses ASAP in order to manage swim lesson registration across multiple locations throughout the Greater Houston area. Through some custom programming the staff at ASA were able to tweak their software to streamline participants into the registration for only their pool, and keep all other locations hidden, to eliminate confusion.
The support staff at ASA are very fast to respond and are tireless in their efforts to solve any problems that occur. So far, those problems have been the result of user errors, which the team has helped fix as needed.
With a web-based registration system, I have complete access from any location I am at so I can constantly make updates and changes to any registrations on the spot. The program features for ASAP are detailed and can give you as much information as you need in a variety of packages [/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Terrence" gender="male" company="Santa Clara Swim School" link="http://www.teamunify.com/Home.jsp?_tabid_=0&team=cmcascss" target="blank"]SAVED US COUNTLESS HOURS
ASAP Online Registration has saved countless hours of registration for our staff and our customers. Our staff is now able to log on anywhere and see the classes and students that they will be teaching[/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Judy Laurenson" gender="female" company="North Bethesda Middle School After-School Activities Program" link="http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/schools/northbethesdams/students/clubs.aspx" target="blank"]I COMPARED ABOUT SIXTEEN DIFFERENT COMPANIES
I didn’t take lightly the responsibility for making the decision about what online registration company our school’s after school program would use.
I look forward to a great working relationship with ASAP![/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Kristin Schmidt" gender="female" company="Camp Kono" link="http://www.campkono.com/" target="blank"]WE HAVE BECOME MORE EFFICIENT CAMP
ASAP online registration is user friendly for parents and staff members. ASAP has accommodated my specific needs for camp registration. We have become a more efficient camp with ASAP. They are quick to respond to any questions or help we need. We appreciate their professionalism and knowledge. We highly recommend their product for any camp.[/testimonial]