November 2012

Adult Education: Doing More with Less – 2012 ACSA Conference

By |November 28th, 2012|

The Adult Education Strand at the annual ACSA Conference took place in San Diego in early November. By chance, it was a mere two days after the 2012 presidential election. Normally, this wouldn’t matter much to state education issues. But this year, one of the propositions on the ballot for Californians to decide was to raise taxes on the wealthy and increase the state sales tax under the guise that those revenues would go directly to schools. I’m not here to argue whether schools will actually get that money or whether our state legislators just waste the funds like they habitually do, but instead pass on some thoughts I heard […]

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2012 NRPA Conference

By |November 15th, 2012|

If you want to have some fun, go to the annual NRPA conference. This year it was in Anaheim, CA. Yep, right down the street from Disneyland. And we took advantage of it!  But I digress. Why is it so fun? Because the exhibit hall is chock full of play structures, toys, and gizmos the likes you’ve never seen. Our ASAP booth was next to one of these structures. It was a play structure based on a surf theme towering what seemed like 30-odd feet above the floor. And that one was small compared to some of the others!  No wonder many attendees bring their kids to the show. Product […]

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