Thirty years. 30 years! Jeez. I can hardly believe it has been that long since ASA was founded by my father-in-law. In that time, ASA has come full circle, from selling hardware and software to California School Districts to offering a proprietary student information system to the California Adult Education and ROC/P organizations. Today, our newest ASAP platform is used nationwide by organizations both big and small to manage their classes, events and after school programs. This entire time, ASA has remained focused on its core mission. Offering a community a full complement of registration and class management services designed to serve adult and community education, parks and recreation, arts programs, after school and camp programs.


Technology should not become more difficult and hard to use with each update or upgrade. And we’ve done more than our fair share of upgrades with four complete platforms developed in that time (each one better than the last, of course!). We plan to focus the next 30 years ensuring that technology doesn’t get in the way of our clients’ lives.


Thanks to all our clients for making this such a fun and wild ride. Our entire team is excited to continue that ride and see where it takes us!