The following changes were made to ASAP 3 (also known as ASAP Classicon 4/24/2019: 

  • When you transfer a student from a higher priced class to a lower priced class, you will be given the option to refund the difference of the amount paid for the amount due on the new class. 
  • While viewing the roster on the Class details page, a horizontal scroll bar has been added to view data
  • On the enrollment report, you will now be able to view the drop date and drop reason when viewing students with the enrollment status set to “Dropped”. 
  • On the Transaction Totals for All Activities Report,  “CC Type” is now added when exporting to detail
  • On the Transaction Report,  a “Last 4 CC” column is now added
  • Added a “Non-Binary” field option when a student is selecting their Gender on the registration form.

For issues related specifically to our Adult Education organizations:

  • When adding the second logo to the transcript, the size will now match the current size of the logo. 
  • The grade level will now appear on the transcript report. 
  • Increased the size of the font for the Instructional Level for the TOPS Supplemental Form and fixed the spelling of the window.
  • We’ve added the HiSet ID, TASC ID, and GED ID to the Demographics Information section on the registration form as default options connected to exporting to TOPS.