The following changes were made across ASAP 3 (also known as ASAP Classic) on 1/24/2020:

  • Fixed a bug where the Bulk Hourly Attendance tool was not displaying any filters.
  • We updated the ASAP page footers to reflect the current year.
  • We fixed the issue that was preventing users from creating a new account.
  • Instructors that do not have the edit Students user permission are still able to do so from the Account ID column on the Class Details page.
  • Fixed an issue where some users were charged for the full amount due instead of the actual amount owed on a payment plan invoice.
  • Payroll status is now correctly displayed on the Instructor Hours (BETA) report.
  • We resolved the bug that allowed a few customers to create an account without selecting a customer group, even though the system required it.
  • We fixed the issue where some discounts were not being properly applied to recurring billing invoices when they were created.
  • Fixed the issue preventing class fees from being added to a user type.
  • The Barcode report now correctly shows the student name instead of the class name.
  • We resolved the bug where some surveys were not being sent out.
  • The Student Report has been fixed to show the correct registration information for the entire account, rather than just single member information.
  • Fixed a bug where users would receive an error message when trying to create a new organization in ASAP.
  • Fixed a bug where the printable Attendance report with the 10-day option was not displaying the dates or attendance.

The following changes were made across the ASAP Mobile Online Registration site (also known as ASAP Go) on 1/24/2020: 

  • Drop-in dates will now display on a separate line from all invoice views.