The following changes were made across ASAP 3 (also known as ASAP Classic) on 7/2/2020:


  • On the Bulk Hourly Attendance report, we added a “Select” option in the attendance type drop-down that is required to be selected before generating the report.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where creating a new class will not allow you add a user type fee.
  • A bug had allowed users to generate a credit even though the organization’s preference had been set to “No.” This has been resolved.
  • Resolved a bug on the student transcript that had prevented the address field from capitalizing the first letter in each word while printing.
  • We resolved an issue where a bug prevented the section at the top of the Register module from displaying in the tabs.
  • Fixed a bug on the PLInquirySearch.aspx and LessonInquiries.aspx page where searching for specific students would time out.
  • Fixed an error on the Family Profile page where users were unable to change a previously saved credit card due to an incorrect error message.
  • Addressed an error where a student would get removed from a customer group when editing their information, regardless if the field had been edited.