The following changes were made to ASAP 3 (also known as ASAP Classic) on 6/28/2019: 

  • Within the transaction report, you’ll have the ability to select multiple users when filtering. 
  • On our Go Online Registration site, the display of the invoice has been updated to properly show when a class’s start time may vary. 
  • On our Go Online Registration site, you can now collapse the name of a course in the navigation menu. 
  • A bug on our Go Online Registration site causing the “Oops” message to display incorrectly has been fixed. 
  • A bug causing lengthy load times on the product sales report has been fixed. 
  • Within the A/R Aging report, we resolved an issue with the future scheduled payments total column. The column now correctly calculates instances when students make only partial payments towards an individual month. 

These changes are specifically for the CA Adult Schools: 

  • On the List of students who need “X” number of credits to graduate report, we added columns for the certificate, graduation and diploma dates. 
  • Updated the course groups from “WIOA | Parent Education’ to ‘WIOA | Adults Training Child School Success” in order to allow the export TOPS files report to send the correct data to TOPS. 

These changes are specifically for the Community Art Schools: 

  • Fixed a bug on the PL enrollments page where the duration of a private lesson wasn’t updating when the meta schedule had been updated.