The following changes were made across ASAP 4 (also known as ASAP Beta) on 4/16/2020:

Features Added:

  • We found ways to optimize the load time and page speed when filtering data on the Transaction report.
  • On the Roster by Teacher Day report, we added an Enrollment Status filter for enrolled and pending students.
  • We added the capability to export all reports as a .xlsx file format.
  • On the Enrollment Details page, you can now add, edit and delete notes for a student.
  • Users can now access the Instructor Availability page either through the navigation menu under Tools or in the Staff Details page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved the issue that inconsistently sent out the “Thank You” email when a staff member donated to a fundraising campaign.
  • Organizations not using ConnexPoint can now configure the different card types they accept as payment.
  • Users are once again able to apply a payment toward their payment plan invoice when credit has been previously applied to their plan on the same due date.
  • On the Class Details page, we resolved the issue of grade letters entered for students not appearing correctly. (Example: A lowercase “a” was entered and saved when the user entered an uppercase “A” into the field.)
  • On the Mobile Attendance application, teachers are now able to record attendance even if there are two records occurring on the same day.
  • Resolved the problem of users being unable to deselect a customer group after having previously selected one while editing the Registration form.
  • We fixed the issue of duplicates appearing when a user configures a class fee, interacts with the background and selects a checkbox while saving the fee.
  • Users can now successfully record a credit card payment and add a note at the same time.
  • The CC field on the Email model now validates for the correct email format before sending.
  • We resolved the issue on the Email model that prevented users from sending an email with new data after previously selecting “clear all.”
  • The Product Listings page has been updated to no longer display a broken enroll button for individual products.
  • Users are once again able to add a product to the Enroll page.
  • Fixed an issue on the Enroll page so now adding a payment plan and making a payment will set the status of a student to “enrolled.”
  • Printing an invoice through the Invoice Details page now displays the correct address format.

The following changes were made across the ASAP Mobile Online Registration site (also known as ASAP Go) on 4/16/2020:

  • When a user configures the custom terminology for classes, this will update the left menu navigation on their online registration site.
  • We fixed the issue on Edge and Internet Explorer browsers where the calendar icon was not appearing when a student was attempting to drop in for a class.
  • Private Lesson attendance records no longer show as duplicates on some student accounts.