The following changes were made across ASAP 4 (also known as ASAP Beta) on 4/2/2020:

Features Added:

  • ASAP enabled the Fundraising module for all organizations.
  • When filtering on the Communication Center, users can now add a single staff member instead of all the filtered results.
  • Added the hourly pay rate grid to the Staff Create page.
  • When editing a field with the text editor, it was not properly validating the area to be a required field.
  • When creating a new student, emergency contacts were not immediately displaying after account creation.
  • ASAP now allows users to set the product code field when sending data to the Bank Settlement report.
  • When visiting the Reports page, the Favorites tab will be loaded first.
  • On the Product Sales report, we added products priced at $0.00.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug on the Class Listings page where the Days filter was not working.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error to be displayed when a user attempted to add a manual fee.
  • Fixed a bug on the Enroll page when trying to enroll a student into a class that they were already enrolled in would break the page.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the Enroll page whenever a user attempted to register a student for a class they were already enrolled in.
  • Fixed a bug on the Class details page where not all students would be filtered when viewing the Enrollments tab.
  • Fixed a bug on the Reports page where the star icon would show as oversized when a user came from the Class Details page.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Time Period Registration Fee from saving the correct field whenever a user attempted to configure it.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from saving formatting changes to a message in the Communication Center without first sending the email.

The following changes were made across the ASAP Mobile Online Registration site (also known as ASAP Go) on 4/2/2020:

  • Added the ability for students to now be able to search by class code when looking for a specific class.
  • Added the ability to embed a video on the details page of staff members.
  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to upload a document when creating a registration.
  • Fixed a bug where Reg Form data was being removed after updating an email when there previously wasn’t an email saved.
  • Fixed a bug where classes in time periods not yet open for registration showed as available to register in.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the first day of class from automatically being selected when a user dropped into the class.

The following changes were made for California Adult Education Schools on 4/2/2020:

  • For adult education schools using ASAP’s integration to CASAS TE, distance learning attendance can now be exported from ASAP as a separate value. An additional column for distance learning minutes has been added to the ATT.csv (attendance) export file. The total minutes (classroom time + distance learning) are still part of the ATT.csv export file.