The following changes were made across ASAP 4 (also known as ASAP Beta) on 8/15/2019:

  • When an organization is configured to use Authorize.Net as their payment processor, there’s an added a warning message when a user attempts to process a refund to a credit card.
  • Fixed a bug on the student details page where the enrollments tab was not displaying the instructor correctly.
  • Fixed a bug letting users enter more text than the maximum number of characters allowed.

These changes are specifically for the CA adult schools:

  • In the export TOPS files report, we updated the course group export for the WIOA/adults training child school success to show as parent, so that it falls into the correct TOPSpro Enterprise category, “adults supporting K12 student success.”
  • We’ve updated and renamed the course group WIOA | parent education in ASAP. The new name is WIOA | adults supporting K12 student success, and it aligns with the CASAS TE instructional programs. Use the new course group WIOA | adults supporting K12 student success for running reports in ASAP. Courses assigned under the old name WIOA | parent education are now under the new course name WIOA | adults supporting K12 student success. There is no action required by users since it was an existing course group name change.

These changes are specifically for the community art schools:

  • When a scheduled lesson is changed to unscheduled and then cancelled, we will now show the date it was originally scheduled on the invoice.