feature_events1One of our goals at ASA in 2013 was to build out integrations with 3rd party applications. To accomplish this, we have built some robust APIs. We already have some clients utilizing the APIs for their own purposes and we have used the APIs to build out integrations with several other software platforms. So we figured now was a good time to officially announce and launch our ASAP API.

Our API makes it easier for your other systems to talk to ASAP, meaning fewer manual processes and less out-of-sync data.

Even though the launch is a “Beta” we are still providing full support for programmatic access to Classes/Events, Customers, Invoices, Schedules, and more. And like the rest of ASAP, our API is completely secure and your data is only accessible to you and your applications.

Examples of what some of our Beta partners are doing with the API:
– Syncing student data from a central SIS system
– Pulling transaction data from ASAP into an accounting software system
– Posting event data directly on their own website

As promised, a lot of our focus in 2013 was in system integration and platform development. We intend to continue that in 2014. And this launch marks our first of many upcoming releases targeting that goal. ASAP is already the most powerful and easy-to-use system on the market, and now we want to make sure it is also the most flexible.

Take a look at the details and let us know what you think. We love to hear your feedback!