Greetings ASAP users! A quick note that Shawn Boom, CEO of Vanco (ASAP’s parent company) will be attending this week’s CAEAA conference in Sacramento. Shawn is there to collect feedback on what we can do to improve our product for the CA adult education market, so if you see him milling around feel free to say Hi.

This week’s updates include a new enrollment status for transferred students, new tools for finding duplicate student accounts, preferences to prevent customer edits of student information, along with other enhancements and bug fixes.

All updates have been made to ASAP beta only unless otherwise noted.

New Enrollment Status: Transferred

When you transfer a student from one class to another, ASAP drops the student from the first class and enrolls them in the second. After the student is dropped, their enrollment status for that first class shows as Dropped, which is technically correct, but it doesn’t tell you whether the student ended up in another class or not.

With this release, ASAP will now display an enrollment status of Transferred when a drop is the result of a transfer.

Duplicate Student Report Improvements

We’ve added a new menu to the Potential Duplicate Accounts report that gives you two options when searching for duplicate students.

The first restricts the results to accounts where there are matches on both the first and last name AND either their birthday, address, or phone number. This prevents the false positives reported when you have a large student body with 15 students named Tom Jones, etc. The second option lets you include those first-and-last-name-only matches.

Update to “Total Credits” 

For those of you who use our Credits feature: The “Total Credits” number displayed under the Credits tab on the student detail page has been changed to “Total Earned Credits”. That number now reflects the sum of the Earned column for the program you select in the program menu.

A Few More…

We updated the message that’s displayed when a student tries to create an account with a previously registered email address to make it clearer what the student needs to do next.

We’ve added the student’s last name to the Registrant column of the invoice.

Next Week:

For schools that want more control over their student data, we’re adding two new preferences to ASAP. The first prevents students from adding additional family members to their accounts from the public site, and the second prevents students from editing their account information. You can turn the new preferences on or off by going to Configure > Preferences and scrolling to the bottom of the Preference box.