1303, 2019

ASAP Beta Updates – 3/13/2019

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This morning’s update mostly contains the addition of smaller features missing from the beta, as well as a number of bug fixes. Highlights include:

Features and Enhancements

You can now sell memberships from the Enroll page.

You can now refund a student from the invoice page.

The “View attendance” link was added to the ellipses menu on the student detail page.

Clicking on the class name now redirects you to the course page for that class.

Search and filters have been added to the Enrollments page.

Bug Fixes

Certain required fields were allowing users to submit a form without being completed.

There was a bug on the student detail page that was preventing the filter under the Attendance tab […]

602, 2019

ASAP Beta Updates – January 2019

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Greetings ASAP users! A quick note that Shawn Boom, CEO of Vanco (ASAP’s parent company) will be attending this week’s CAEAA conference in Sacramento. Shawn is there to collect feedback on what we can do to improve our product for the CA adult education market, so if you see him milling around feel free to say Hi.

This week’s updates include a new enrollment status for transferred students, new tools for finding duplicate student accounts, preferences to prevent customer edits of student information, along with other enhancements and bug fixes.

All updates have been made to ASAP beta only unless otherwise noted.

New Enrollment Status: Transferred

When you transfer a student from one class […]

3110, 2018

Welcome to the ASAP Beta!

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We’re improving this latest version of ASAP every day, and whenever we do we’ll tell you about it here. We’ll also let you know when an update is made by messaging you in the current version of ASAP (we’ll try not to bother you too much). Only folks who have been invited to view the ASAP Beta will see those messages.

Who exactly has been invited to the beta? Currently it is only those of you with System Configuration user access (usually just the top-level administrators). We’re doing this to give you a chance to look at the new product first, and then decide when and how to announce it to […]

1710, 2018

An Exciting Announcement from ASAP

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This is a big day for ASAP. We are pleased to announce the merger of Connexeo, ASAP’s parent company, with Vanco Payment Solutions, a leader in electronic payments and donation processing in the education, nonprofit and faith-based market. Our combined company is called Vanco. Read the whole story here.

1306, 2017

Notes for Classes and Lessons

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You can now enter internal notes regarding a particular class or private lesson in ASAP. Just click the Notes tab, then the Add New Note link to enter your first note. Notes can be viewed under the Notes tab, in addition to a Class Notes report in the Class and Lesson Reports section of the report page where you can view class notes from multiple classes by time period and location.

2803, 2017

Prevent your ASAP email from being blocked

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There is a type of internet scam know as “Phishing”. This is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

As more and more phishing scams are being circulated via email, email providers are becoming that much more aggressive in their efforts to block it. This is a good thing, but it has also resulted in a higher percentage of legitimate email being misidentified as forged and never making it to its intended recipient. If you have had customers tell you that they’re not receiving their ASAP emails, this may be why.

To address […]

2202, 2017

Missed yesterday’s ASAP Update webinar?

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If you missed yesterday’s ASAP Update webinar don’t worry, here’s what we covered: .

Product Updates

Updates to our redesigned online registration site
ASAP Embed, a new way for your customers to register for your classes online
Our invoice page redesign
Payment plan improvements
eChecks and recurring billing

Client Services Updates

ASAP University videos
Custom product manuals
ASAP on the road

New Features In Beta

Support for multi-language online registration sites
Surveys 2.0

What’s Coming Next – A look at the ASAP roadmap

902, 2017

Make changes to invoices without having to cancel the payment plan first

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If you’ve ever had to make a change to an invoice that’s on a payment plan (adding a new item or discount, dropping or transfering a student, editing a fee) then you know how time consuming it can be. First you have to cancel the plan, then make the change, and then create a new payment plan. Too. Many. Steps.

Because everyone is too busy for all of that, starting today we are modifying our payment plan feature to allow you to make changes to invoices on payment plans without having to cancel the plan first. Any increase or decrease in fees that result from your changes will be automatically applied to the plan.

(If you want to […]

902, 2017

Product Update – February 2017

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Today we are excited to announce both our most recent updates as well as our latest product roadmap. Let’s get right to it, once again kicking it off with another ASAP Exclusive Feature…

Multi-Language Registration (BETA)

If your organization serves a diverse community with families and individuals who are not native English speakers, this feature is designed for you. With the ability to make your registration website available in multiple languages you gain new opportunities to reach and engage your community.

Find out more about this service from our website


Surveys & Evaluations (BETA)

Tired of exporting lists and importing into Survey Monkey, and sending class evaluations manually? Let ASAP’s new automated surveys feature give you […]

112, 2016

Fuzzy images on your online registration site? Here’s how to fix them

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We recently discovered two issues that were causing the course and staff images on some of our client’s online registration sites to appear fuzzy or distorted. Both problems have now been fixed, but you may still need to take further steps to resolve the issue for your particular site.

One of the issues was causing ASAP to distort the way your images were appearing on your site without harming the original image that we store in our system. If your images were affected by this problem there is nothing further you need to do; those images will now appear correctly.

However, the second issue was affecting the original image by incorrectly increasing the size of uploaded images that were smaller […]