You may have noticed that we’ve removed the “Change Status” link from the invoice detail page. By clicking that link you used to be able to change the status of an invoice from PAID to UNPAID, allowing you to add new items to that invoice or edit the amounts of existing items (you couldn’t previously add or edit items on a PAID invoice).

While having the ability to add or remove items from a paid invoice is important to some schools, allowing someone to change an invoice’s status to UNPAID when there’s a payment recorded against it would occasionally result in some strange behavior with the invoice, including the amounts on the invoice not totaling correctly.

Rather than continuing to support a feature that we know can cause problems with your invoices, we’ve decided to remove that link from the page. In it’s place, on the new invoice detail page that’s now available from a link on the current page (find out more about that here), you can now add items to an invoice no matter what it’s status, and the system will automatically update the invoice’s status for you (from PAID to PARTIAL for example). In addition you can now edit the fees on any invoice regardless of status (although the system will handle the edited fees differently depending on whether or not a payment has been made against that fee).

You can now add or edit items on any invoice regardless of it's status.

You can now add or edit items on any invoice regardless of it’s status.

Basically it’s a more logical and less time-consuming way to accomplish the same tasks you used to manage via the Change Status link.

We hope you enjoy the new features,  stay tuned for more…