Event management tools are prone to excess, in my experience. They tend to branch and branch again in anticipation of the seemingly endless details any particular type of event could possibly involve.  Soon the tool itself is a mammoth chore. That’s why this past year our developers have been working toward a more svelte and agile toolbox for events, first separating single-date events from multi-session conferences, and later dramatically shrinking the signup process for users on the go. With several refinements added this spring, we’re now introducing ASAP Events as an independent module in our registration software system.  It’s smart, quick, and elastic.  

Whether you rely on ASAP Events for an annual piano recital or a huge municipal concert, you’ll recognize two advantages immediately. It’s easy to create an event  and you can customize the promotion, sales and reporting end-to-end in ASAP.  

One page. One click. Done.

A sample ASAP Ticket Sales page.The most striking improvement for your customers and participants is a very quick transaction.  Registration, account and billing information for a ticket sale are gathered on one page with minimal steps. The long-form account setups for course registrations, for example, are gone. Moreover, a single purchaser can order multiple tickets under one name and you can define multiple ticket types at different prices. Let’s say Jane Doe purchases 2 tickets at Member prices and 2 tickets at General admission prices. No need to gather all those names and separate invoices or multiply the fees. She can open a single account and all her ticket purchases go into one transaction with one low convenience fee. (Pricing remains the same at 2% of a transaction, minimum $1 and maximum $10.)

Create a new event

Setting up your event in ASAP is equally simple. Using the built-in editing tools and content management system, you can add custom text styles, graphics and layouts to produce a unique announcement and ticket sales page all in one. The sample page illustrated here took less than 2 minutes to customize, though the sky’s the limit if you want high-end design and can do a little coding yourself. 

Integrate Promotions

With the unique URL generated by the system for your event page, it’s easy then to promote your ticket sales through ASAP’s integrated communications and social media sharing. Include the link in an email announcement to groups of customers, donors or account holders — all from within ASAP. Reminders can be scheduled too. You can add promotional messages to regular monthly billings or registration receipts. And of course, posting the link in your favorite social media will lead participants right to the event’s ticket sales page. Lots of possibilities and handy tools (you already know how to use)! 

Targeting and Tracking

The opportunities to tightly target your audience and to integrate your event marketing with your overall program in ASAP add what I called an elastic level of convenience and effectiveness to the management process. 

From your admin portal, where you manage a full catalog of classes or lessons, you can now track sales and attendance for your event. We’ve added six tabs of metrics, in fact, if you want to drill that deep. These sales and revenue stats also flow directly into your organization’s financial reports for a single uninterrupted stream of event management tools in one place.  

Support Documentation

Our Customer Support team has posted two documents to guide you through the setup and transaction. If you have an account, you can access these through your Get Help links to the support site. Search “Events & Ticketing”.

If you’d like to see ASAP Events in action, a sales rep would be happy to give you a demo online. Call 877-845-4005… or email sales@asapconnected.com

With so many big events coming up this summer, we hope the new ASAP Events module becomes one of your favorites!