Superior Class Management Features

Designed with the insight of over 30 years building systems for education institutions

  • Class Rosters

    Easy to access rosters, including customizable data views, action lists, and more.

  • Class Schedule

    View and modify class schedules in bulk, or at each individual class instance. Future-schedule substitutes, change times, rooms, and more.

  • Attendance

    Instructors and administrators can easily track attendance for all classes. Print attendance and check-in sheets, or add electronic check-in!

  • Drops & Transfers

    Enrollment management is easy within ASAP. Drops and transfers can be done with only a few clicks, and refunds, credits or additional charges are all handled automatically.

  • Waitlists

    Make sure you don't miss out on high-demand classes. Allow customers to add themselves to waitlists as soon as classes are full. And with our new Split Class feature it's also easy to create new classes when there is enough interest to run a separate class.

  • Reminders

    ASAP automatically sends reminder notifications to students prior to the first day of class. Reminder emails are fully customizable, making it easy to add your own messaging and maintain your branding.

  • Media Sharing

    Instructors and students can share documents, images and other media, as well as post comments to their classes online.

  • Certificates

    Track student progress in their requirements, and print/email certificates. Support for programs with multiple course requirements for completion of a certificate.

  • Prerequisites

    Full support for prerequisites between classes or even groups of classes.

  • API Integration

    Load class schedules via the ASAP API and display directly on your website, or power schedule displays on monitors within your school.

  • More...

    This is just the beginning of our Class Management features.
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