Reporting, Analytics, and Insights

Designed with the insight of over 30 years building systems for education institutions

  • Export Formats

    Data is easy to export out of ASAP. Excel and CSV are always available, and depending on the report you can also export to PDF.

  • Student Reports

    Dozens of reports allow you to pull all kinds of data about your students and your offerings, including: Student Report, Rosters, Attendance, Check-In Sheets, Enrollments, Class Summaries, and more!

  • Schedule Reports

    Pull schedules for instructors, students, classes, and other activities.

  • Financial Reports

    Track all of your financials easily within ASAP. See Revenue by G/L, Location, Department, Program, etc. A/R Aging, Daily Settlement, Transactions, Invoices, Discounts, Credit Balances, and more!

  • Other Reports

    Dozens of additional reports to help you track things like product sales, survey results, facility access, and lots more.

  • Summaries

    Get summary counts of enrollments by location, program, course group, instructor, and more.

  • Dashboards

    Access dashboards on your homepage displaying important data points that always keeps you up to date with where your organization is compared to the same time last year.

  • Insights - Details

    Get the information you need to tell your story! Get summaries of students, revenue and more, and see how your numbers break down by program, location, course, demographic and more.

  • Insights - Retention

    How many of your students did you retain from last year, or your previous term? How does that break down by location, program, activity type, etc. And better yet, who were the ones who didn't return? ASAP gives you all of that with just a few clicks.

  • Insights - Trends

    Want to see enrollment trends over time by semester across all of your locations, programs, or some other segment? Easy with ASAP Insights - Trends!