We recently discovered two issues that were causing the course and staff images on some of our client’s online registration sites to appear fuzzy or distorted. Both problems have now been fixed, but you may still need to take further steps to resolve the issue for your particular site.

One of the issues was causing ASAP to distort the way your images were appearing on your site without harming the original image that we store in our system. If your images were affected by this problem there is nothing further you need to do; those images will now appear correctly.

However, the second issue was affecting the original image by incorrectly increasing the size of uploaded images that were smaller than 300px wide. If your images were affected by this issue you will need to upload those images again to fix the problem.

We suggest you look at the course and staff images on your online registration sites and re-upload the ones that appear fuzzy or distorted, and we apologize for any extra work that this causes.