ASAP’s recurring billing feature gives you the ability to you offer your students various ongoing payment options (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually) when registering for a class.

While one of our more popular features, we’ve received feedback that we don’t make the fact that a class is set up for recurring billing (or what the specific terms of the billing will be) clear enough to the student when they’re registering for the class.

With this in mind we set about to clarify what the student sees on your online registration site as best we can. The following is a summary of the changes that we’ll be adding to the site this Wednesday (March 3rd).

1. New Option For Displaying Fees

For starters, you now have two options when it comes to the class fee that gets displayed in your online course catalog. You can choose to display only the initial payment amount (this is what we do now by default), or, you can now choose to display the “full” class fee (which is the initial fee plus the sum of all of the recurring payments).

You can choose the option you wish to use by going to the recurring billing set-up page for a class that’s on recurring billing, clicking the “Edit” link for one of your recurring billing options, and then in the Fee to Display menu selecting either “Initial payment only” or “Total cost of class” (remember to click the Save button when you’re done).

Change the fee you display  here... changing the option here!

2. Improved Class Fees Messaging

In the past we would display a red asterisk (*) next to the fee for a class if the class was set up for recurring billing. Going forward we’re replacing that asterisk with one of two messages that will be displayed beneath the fee:

  1. if the class has a single recurring billing option (say it’s a monthly fee), we will display “has recurring fees”
  2. if the class has multiple recurring billing options (maybe monthly and pay-in-full) we will display “view payment options”

Here’s an example of both messages:


In both cases, clicking on the message will open a small window where a clear explanation of the recurring fees will be displayed.

3. Class Detail Page Improvements

On the class detail page we’ve updated the “Fees” text to make any recurring fees more clear. Also, if a class has multiple recurring billing options, we will now display all the options on the page, and allow the user to choose which option they prefer before clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

4. Improved Shop Cart / Invoice Messaging

After a student adds a class to their cart, we used to display the text “Has recurring fees” on their invoice. Going forward we’re replacing that text with (for example) “Fees: 1 initial payment of $100.00, plus 6 monthly payments of $25.”

Also, if a student has selected the “pay-in-full” (if you offer it), the invoice will no longer display the text “Has recurring fees”, which a number of students found confusing.

In addition to these student-facing changes, we’ve made two small changes to the recurring billing set-up page in the admin tool:

1. We’ve removed the “Is Ongoing” checkbox.

2. We’ve replaced the “Archive” link (which was not working correctly) with a “Delete” link, so you can now remove an unwanted recurring payment option from your system as long as it isn’t currently associated with any unpaid or partially paid invoices.

That’s it, we hope these changes make your jobs a little easier, and as always your feedback is welcome.