Among an instructor’s least favorite activities, two that are usually at the top of their list are:

  1. recording and submitting attendance
  2. keeping up with changes to their schedules

With that in mind, as a gift to instructors (and administrators) everywhere we present to you the ASAP Teacher’s Assistant app. With Teacher’s Assistant an instructor can record and submit attendance from their phone, right from their classroom. And if there’s a last-minute change to their schedule, that will appear in the app as well.

ASAP mobile attendance app
  To make sure there’s no excuse not to give it a try, we’ve made the app really, really easy to use:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Touch the class or lesson you want to submit attendance for.
  3. Mark the students present or not and click Submit Attendance.

That’s it. If they make a mistake they can just go back in and update attendance for that date (unless you mark those dates as Payroll Processed, in which case that date will be locked in the app).

How To Get The App

Teacher’s Assistant will become available to all of our customers within three to four weeks. However, if you or your staff would like to start using the beta version of the app now all you have to do is login to ASAP, then click this link. You will automatically be added to our list of interested participants and you will be contacted if we select you to participate in the beta program.