You spend lots of time and money promoting your organization and ultimately sending people to your ASAP online registration site. And what do you know about what they do once they get there? Up until now it’s only been which classes they’re ultimately enrolling in.

In order to really optimize the performance of your site you need more information, and for that you need Google Analytics (GA). Today we’re very excited to announce full integration between GA and your online registration site. Just sign up for a GA account (it’s free), plug your GA tracking code into “Google Analytics ID” field on the ASAP Preferences page, and you’re done.

With GA you can see:

  • where your students are coming from (your website? bookmarks? old links?)
  • which class and event pages they’re visiting the most
  • what are the last pages they view before they leave
  • what percentage of your customers are coming to your site on a mobile device
  • which are your best and worst performing pages

and a lot more. Free business analytics, what’s better than that?