If you’ve ever had to make a change to an invoice that’s on a payment plan (adding a new item or discount, dropping or transfering a student, editing a fee) then you know how time consuming it can be. First you have to cancel the plan, then make the change, and then create a new payment plan. Too. Many. Steps.
Because everyone is too busy for all of that, starting today we are modifying our payment plan feature to allow you to make changes to invoices on payment plans without having to cancel the plan first. Any increase or decrease in fees that result from your changes will be automatically applied to the plan.
(If you want to know exactly how ASAP will adjust a payment plan based on changes to the invoice, check out this support article on the subject.)
We are adding this new ability to ASAP in stages, meaning there are certain types of changes you will be able to make starting today without having to cancel the plan first, with more updates to come over the next several weeks.
The changes you can make now without having to cancel the plan first are:
  • Editing item fees on an invoice
  • Removing/deleting an item from an invoice
  • Adding a discount to an invoice
  • Editing an existing discount
  • Adding a manual fee to an invoice
  • Adding a new group class to an invoice
  • Adding a new private lesson to an existing invoice
  • Making changes to a private lesson (cancelling a lesson, etc)
And then coming soon:
  • Dropping and transfering students from group classes
  • Cancelling a group class
  • Adding all other types of items to an existing invoice, such as events, memberships, donations, products, etc
We will be posting updates to the What’s New widget every time we check off another item from the list above.