So an instructor called this morning to say they need to take the final three weeks of the year off due to a family emergency. Or, you got a call from a student and they would like to switch to a different instructor for the remainder of the semester.

In the past you had to drop these students from their lessons and re-enroll them with a new instructor, meaning that switching instructors was possible but not as easy as it should be. Well today we’re making it a whole lot easier.

There are actually two ways to switch instructors now. Both of them can be done from the student’s private lesson detail page:

1. To switch instructors for a single lesson, click the little notebook icon to the right of the instructor’s name and select the new instructor.


2. To switch instructors for multiple lessons, click the checkboxes next to the lessons you wish to re-assign, and then click the Change Instructor link. Select a new instructor.


That’s it, we hope you enjoy the new process.