Many of you offer courses that have prerequisites (“In order to take Advanced Photography you must first take Intro to Photography”). You’ve always been able to enter prerequisite information for a course into ASAP, but that info didn’t actually prevent someone from enrolling in the course; all it did was inform the student that the prerequisite needed to be met.

Today we’re pleased to announce a number of improvements to our prerequisites feature, the most important one being that when a student tries to enroll in a course, if that student has not yet completed the prerequisite for that course, ASAP will now remove that course from the student’s shopping cart and inform the student of the prerequisite. This will save you the trouble of having to un-enroll and then refund those students who accidentally enroll in courses that they should not have enrolled in yet.


You can assign a prerequisite course to another course, or to a whole group of courses. You can also specify that a student must complete any one course from a particular group of courses in order for them to register for a specific course or group of courses. You can assign multiple courses or course groups as prerequisites (“In order to take Course C you must first take Course A and B.”), although you cannot assign both a course and a course group as prerequisites to the same course/course group at the same time.

One important thing to keep in mind: If you have entered prerequisite information for courses in ASAP in the past, that information will still not stop anyone from enrolling in a course. In order to create a prerequisite that will actually prevent a student from registering for a class until they have completed the prerequisite, you’ll need to indicate which courses or groups of courses should be prerequisites for that course using the NEW prerequisites feature. For instructions on how to set up a prerequisite for a course or a course group please click here to read our prerequisites support article.

(Note: Any prerequisite information that you have entered in the Prerequisites field on the course edit page to date will still appear on your online registration site, but you will no longer be able to edit that information. At a certain date in the future (maybe near the end of the year) we will probably remove that information once everyone has had a chance to set up their course and course group prerequisites using the new feature.)

We hope these improvements save you some time (always our goal) and we look forward to hearing your feedback after you’ve had a chance to give them a try :-)