We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new redesigned instructor availability page! Our development team has been busy working on a number of improvements and new features for this page and we’re pleased with the results. The new page will be available live on Thursday, March 24th.

For those of you new to entering availability in ASAP, instructor availability allows you to track when your teaching staff is available to teach. Any availability entered will integrate with the master calendar, making scheduling much easier and quicker. Click here to learn more about how instructor availability works in ASAP.

The new page will have better search and filtering options, as well as expanded options for entering breaks, holidays, and exceptions.

What changes and improvements will I see?

  • Instructor availability will now be located under Tools in your admin tool
  • Instructors’ names will now be made available by default in a grid which expands to allow for individual availability to be entered
  • New instructor search feature
  • Filtering options for date range, subject, and lesson course
  • Unlimited breaks, holidays, and exception dates
  • Added options for editing and deleting availability

Other changes to expect:

  • Custom date ranges will now be given names and displayed in a grid
  • Date ranges will be able to be edited and deleted
  • Improved calendar integration

Please visit the pages below for an updated guide on using the new page:

Using Instructor Availability

Creating a Date Range For Instructor Availability

As always, we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have in our community forum: