For the past several months we’ve been working on a number of improvements to your student registration forms (the ones your student’s complete when registering for a class or creating a new account), and tonight we’re making them available to your customers. Here’s what you need to know:

What are the improvements?

  • The biggest improvement (for those of you who offer classes to children) is that the new forms allow us to make a parent the primary account holder for a child’s account, rather than the child being the primary account holder as is currently the case.
  • You’ll now be able to search for a parent’s name via student search (just check the new Show Parents option at the top of the search page).
  • We’ve greatly reduced the amount of time it takes for a parent with multiple children to register their children for classes by streamlining the way we collect emergency contacts and “authorized for pick-up” data.
  • The new forms load much more quickly and are more user friendly which should result in fewer customers abandoning the registration process before it’s completed.

We’ve also made some changes to the registration form builder tool:

  •  it’s faster
  • you can edit the names of the different sections (Personal Info, etc)
  • you can add a custom question to any of the various sections (not just the Additional Info section)

What other changes will I notice?

If you are a school that offers classes to children, you will notice that the parents of those children are now labeled as “Parent” and appear along with the children under the new Family Members tab on the family account page. Because of this change you can now select one of the parents to be the primary account holder if you wish (new parents registering their children for the first time will be made into the primary account holder automatically).

One important note!

You now have the ability to tailor the language on your registration forms depending on whether you’re a school that offers classes to adults, children, or both. Click here to learn more about this new feature.