Today we are excited to announce both our most recent updates as well as our latest product roadmap. Let’s get right to it, once again kicking it off with another ASAP Exclusive Feature…

Multi-Language Registration (BETA)

If your organization serves a diverse community with families and individuals who are not native English speakers, this feature is designed for you. With the ability to make your registration website available in multiple languages you gain new opportunities to reach and engage your community.

Find out more about this service from our website


Surveys & Evaluations (BETA)

Tired of exporting lists and importing into Survey Monkey, and sending class evaluations manually? Let ASAP’s new automated surveys feature give you back those hours. Quickly create new surveys and associate them to one, or all, of your classes. Set them to send x days after the last class, and you’re done. Sit back and watch the results come in through our new powerful survey reporting.

Find out more about our new surveys feature here


Contact us to parrticipate in  the BETA rollout for either of the above features.


Recurring Donations

Now it’s easy for anyone to set up an automatic recurring donation right when they’re purchasing a class on your online registration site. We take care of collecting the payments so you can spend more of your time on your organization’s important mission, and less on general administration!


Payment Plan Updates

The first in a long list of upcoming improvements to payment plans. With this update you are no longer need to cancel and rebuild your payment plans after making changes to your lessons, removing items from invoices, or adding new fees. Read more here.



Don’t miss our upcoming quarterly update webinar!

ASAP Quarterly Update – Winter 2017

See the schedule and sign up here:

We’ll cover all of our recent updates, including new services and support options we’ve made available. We’ll also spend some time discussing our short-term roadmap so you can learn about what’s coming your way in the next 2-6 months. Join us!


Keep an eye on the roadmap

We keep our roadmap published online so you can track what’s coming to your ASAP system in the near future.


Look forward to seeing you soon in one of our webinars or as part of one of our BETA feature rollouts!

-The ASAP Team