Leverage Your Data

Access over 100 different reports to help you manage your program or business. Whether you’re running financial forecasts or tracking student performance, you’ll find templates you can use immediately, customize easily, and share with a click.

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Built-In Filtering

Why waste your time trying to review too much data? Filter and display your data so it’s instantly useful.

  • See Precise Details
  • View What You Need… and No More
  • Summaries of Key Metrics

Analysis and Extraction

Robust sorting and flexible data modification, so when you need a deeper level of analysis you have everything you need.

  • Sort Data By Columns or Values
  • Create Data Sets or Groups
  • Export to Excel, XML, or PDF

Reports for General Users

With custom user privileges, give your users as much, or as little, access to reports as you like.

  • Different Users Get Different Access
  • Micromanage Less, Do More
  • Foster Autonomy and Excellence