Built on 32 years
of customer feedback

Organizations offering continuing education to their community need a powerful and comprehensive system. But equally important, it needs to be easy for everyone to use. ASA has thirty years of experience building software from the feedback of staff, faculty and learners like yours. Whether you are a college, university, professional development school or offer technical training, ASAP has a tested solution to help you manage and track your students from registration through completion and beyond.

ASAP Core Software
automates the basics

The backbone of the ASAP system includes Online Registration, Class Management, Payment Processing, Reporting, and Communications. All clients have these features at their disposal, without software installation, maintenance or updating on your part. And we will work with you to design and set up your system as a unique, enterprise-wide tool to ensure all users enjoy greater convenience, savings and utility.

Download a summary of our Adult & Continuing Education solution.

Customized Solutions for Continuing Education

ASAP’s modular design enables you to select the exact combination of features needed to manage your programs and overall organization most efficiently. You simply select an additional feature and it’s immediately functional and fully integrated. Each client can configure an ASAP solution differently and we encourage you to explore our full offering under the header Features above. For further customization, we offer additional design, development and setup services.



“a true game changer”

“New registration software gave nontraditional students much greater access to course offerings and administrators a lot more tools for their kit. . . . From improved customer service to cost savings, from more effective marketing to increased data mining, ASAP has been not just a handy tool but a true game changer.”


- Louise B., SUNY Cobleskill

Read the full article in University Business Magazine:

Suny Cobleskill Online Registration Solution Honored as “Model of Efficiency”



Improve your students’ experience with an easier, intuitive interface and direct account management 24/7


ASAP more than pays for itself in personnel efficiencies the first year.


Maintain security with rule-based user access and data integrity by eliminating duplicate entries


Synchronize data from multiple locations and users for instant accuracy in management and forecasting


Extend the value of your branding with customizations to match your registration and home sites


Forget about managing and affording individual user licenses; Authorize unlimited number of users


Simplify administrative workflows by automating tasks like confirmations, reminders, calendars