What Our Customers Are Saying

I am the Program Analyst for the Department of Parks and Recreation for the District of Columbia. I have had a very positive experience with ASAP.

I find ASAP to be extremely flexible due to its online availability for customers and staff. It allows access to our class offerings that’s convenient for registration. Our constituents have added access to easy registration because they are able to enroll onsite, over the phone and, most importantly, from the comfort of home.

Our program offerings range from price points of free to minimal amounts since we are a community-based agency and we serve about 100,000 customers. ASAP allows constituents to have access to all of these offerings and to be able to register for any program they desire in one visit to our site.

I have gotten excellent Client Services and very reliable responses from technicians. I feel comfortable asking any questions or concerns that I may have. I appreciate the time and patience that Shelley has provided through Client Services in the short time that I have had the pleasure of working with her for my agency.

Keely, District of Columbia, Dept. of Parks & Recreation

I just want to say how smoothly our summer registration went yesterday. We took in more than 1000 registrations the very first hour! We were so pleased with how well the system handled everything and there were only a few glitches that we have submitted and should be fixed shortly. Thanks for all your support, it’s really been so valuable to us.

Jen Rothenberg, Director
Arlington Community Education

Jen, Arlington Community Education

I have worked with ASAP for over 5 years through a variety of community education programs and love its user-friendly interface, reporting systems and, most importantly, customer service. Everyone is always willing to answer even the silliest of questions and point us in the right direction. Rarely do you find a company whose CEO will directly respond to customer needs, but Joel does just that and his team’s personal touch is much appreciated! I have recommended this system to every organization I have worked for (past and present) and strongly encourage anyone interested in growing their enrollment and revenue to join the ASAP team.

Mary Beth Harding
Nashville Community Education
Nashville, TN
(formerly Watkins Community Education and Sarratt Art Studios/Vanderbilt Dance Program)

MaryBeth, Nashville Community Education

Like anything new, when we first used this product everyone was frustrated, but the ASAP customer support was second to none and we were soon up and running. Over time with the help of ASAP, we are really streamlining their product to suit our needs and making our registration process much more user-friendly.

I would highly recommend this company. Joel and Travis are very approachable and willing to help in any way they can. I for one am very satisfied.

Donna, Community School of Music and Arts

We’re very happy with ASAP. It’s fun, easy and fast and has been very successful for our school.

Angela Thompson
The Village School

Angela, The Village School

We are so very happy with the results from our new ASAP childcare program. From the start, our training associate Shelley Mossman has been a fabulous instructor. She met with us and took notes on our company’s wants and needs, she listened carefully to what we expected from our program. She then walked us through setting up a childcare care program that worked for all of our needs. When we ran into issues, she met with ASAP programmers to fix all existing problems. We launched our new Summer Camp online registration without a hitch. In the past we spent hours databasing each and every student. With ASAP, all that work is eliminated. Families register themselves and input all necessary information or the registration will not be completed. After the success of our summer camps, Shelley continued our training to set up a Before School/After School registration. Again, the launch of this registration process was almost flawless. We did run into a few snags, but Shelley worked diligently to have the issues fixed. Again, ASAP saved us from hours of databasing. Our new online system is easy to use and very flexible to make simple schedule changes. We are very happy with the outcome of our online programming provided by ASAP. We are also extremely impressed with how they take their clients requests and constantly strive to improve their programming. We would absolutely recommend ASAP.
Antonette, CDA Bordentown Regional School District

Just wanted to take a quick moment and praise the new feature within student private lesson schedules, where lessons that were missed with makeups added have been shaded and the lesson count number removed from them. This is AWESOME and is going to save me so much time…
Thanks for the improvement!
Denise, Pasadena Conservatory of Music

Summer registration has been going beautifully. Thank you for all your help and for this wonderful system! Our families are overwhelmingly grateful for this simple and convenient option after so many years of filling out forms!
Janae, Lawson Academy of the Arts

My community arts school on a college campus had, until 2016, been conducting registration with carbon copy forms and had all billing and accounting done through the college business office. ASAP changed the way we do everything and, I firmly believe, has given our program what it needs to thrive in the technological age and to become the best it’s ever been. The support team has been amazing with effective training to equip our administrators and staff, prompt and thorough responses to any question, and quick resolutions to any issues we’ve encountered along the way. I’ve never seen our customers happier with their registration experience; from the mass data import of all existing customer info to the ease of online enrollment and payment to the automated reminders, we are now able to offer families in our program the best experience possible. Our faculty and staff are also thrilled by the ease of taking attendance and accessing enrollment info in real time. I have been amazed by how perfectly the ASAP software fits the needs of our program and has enabled me to take ownership of functions once held by several offices across our campus.

If you’re considering ASAP for your program, do it. You won’t be disappointed.

Janae, Lawson Academy of the Arts

I have to say, I love your software. It just makes my life easier.
Shawn, St. Petersburg Yacht Club
I have configured and loaded many software platforms – most related to the hospitality industry. ASAP is outstanding – and I only wish I were going to work here longer to learn all the applications of it.

I come from the hotel industry, 28 years – and have a sales/convention service background. ASAP is:
– very user friendly
-support has been exceptional
-on-line help and instructions are easy to follow and implement
-customers have ease signing up for classes
-the ability to attach images is a feature I recommend anyone use to sell their classes

Gayla, Lake Career & Technical Center

I just completed my Wednesday roster updates in less than an hour (21 schools).  Have already received a few thanks for having it “organized” by teacher and grade….  NICE WORK THANKS!
Alan, Young Rembrandts


I’ve been using Administrative Software Applications, Inc (ASAP) from the startup of Continuing Ed at UAA and have had terrific success with the product, the service, and the engagement of the team at ASAP.

ASAP provides 24/7 online registration for our community; gives students a shopping cart experience and intuitive registration experience; is user friendly for our office team and instructors, and provides great reports we can access anytime we want to review or watch as enrollments come in.

Students receive an automated email confirming their registration with the course name, location, dates and cost on it; two days before the class, they receive a reminder that their class is coming up. It’s a great system – a best–practice item that will really enhance your program and its success!

Dana, University of Alaska at Anchorage

I really enjoyed sharing our story with you and learning additional ways we can use ASAP. We do love ASAP software. It is a key part of our successful operation.
John, Andrews Camps

The pay now option that comes up when searching for a student is a great addition to the system!
Stephanie, Univ. of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music Preparatory Department

Wanted to let you know how extremely helpful Shelley has been to us. We just wrapped up a phone meeting because we had some questions in advance of our big spring/summer registration. She is really knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Lots of good tips for moving beyond our current very basic use of ASAP. Much appreciated!
Julie, City of Greenwood Village

Hats off to Sergey! I have been having a problem with the PEP module at the end of every school year. It is such a pleasure working with you, you just don’t quit until the problem is resolved. I have always enjoyed working with the ASAP staff! Couldn’t find a better bunch of people.
Jean, Milpitas Adult Education

Changing from our old system to the new ASAP is like going from dinosaurs to spaceships!
Peggy, Escondido Adult School

From improved customer service to cost savings, from more effective marketing to increased data mining, ASAP has been not just a handy tool but a true game changer!
Louise, SUNY Cobleskill
Thanks again for all of your work on getting us up and running. I got into ASAP reporting today and that is just plain awesome. I can’t wait to make the switch over to ASAP.
John, OSHA Training Center

I noticed there is a new work ticket and tracking system we are using for all the ASAP v3 development work still going on. It is now so much easier for me to track all the communications regarding a particular issue. Thanks to ASA for this improved accountability tool.
Vittoria, Mt. Diablo Adult Education

That “report search” tool is a “Wow” tool. I love it. Yesterday morning, my boss asked for some information, I typed it and there it was. Wow!
I am the employee of the day.
Maria Elena, Torrance Adult School

for your assistance with my account. The customer service I received was outstanding and I appreciate you taking the time to help me. Wish all my customer service interactions in life were as pleasant and result-oriented as this one.
Caroline, Folsom Cordova Adult School

I’d recommend this to any business needing a setup already in place to assist with selling their products and services. Easy to set up and a great service. Easy to apply to your own existing website. No hassle to make changes, if needed, to existing classes. And gives great reports and print-outs for viewing by teachers and staff
W, Lifeline Aquatics

The ASAP training facilitated by Randy last week was cool! Randy was very efficient and patient (even with those not very literate on a computer) He was able to answer all of our questions and seemed happy to do so! Also, from the ASAP training, this system seems like it is a whole lot easier. Good choice guys!
Pamela, Washington D.C. Parks and Recreation Department

Entering new registrations from the past week. LOVING IT! It is working very well.
Amanda Bowers, Teacher Education Institute

It has saved us countless manpower hours, stress and telephone lines needed. I was able to go from receiving about 200 incoming phone calls per day for swim lesson registration to about 20, thanks to the use of ASAP.
My company uses ASAP in order to manage swim lesson registration across multiple locations throughout the Greater Houston area. Through some custom programming the staff at ASA were able to tweak their software to streamline participants into the registration for only their pool, and keep all other locations hidden, to eliminate confusion.
The support staff at ASA are very fast to respond and are tireless in their efforts to solve any problems that occur. So far, those problems have been the result of user errors, which the team has helped fix as needed.
With a web-based registration system, I have complete access from any location I am at so I can constantly make updates and changes to any registrations on the spot. The program features for ASAP are detailed and can give you as much information as you need in a variety of packages
Keira, Sweetwater Pools

I didn’t take lightly the responsibility for making the decision about what online registration company our school’s after school program would use.
I look forward to a great working relationship with ASAP!
Judy Laurenson, North Bethesda Middle School After-School Activities Program

ASAP online registration is user friendly for parents and staff members. ASAP has accommodated my specific needs for camp registration. We have become a more efficient camp with ASAP. They are quick to respond to any questions or help we need. We appreciate their professionalism and knowledge. We highly recommend their product for any camp.
Kristin Schmidt, Camp Kono