Everyone loves events. Whether they’re seasonal parties or educational talks, events are community experiences. So, this winter, ASAP gave our Events page a serious upgrade, which we’re pleased to introduce today. Our new Events page is faster, sleeker and better than ever.

Here’s how it looks:


So, what’s the difference?

First, the page loads faster! We’ve made an effort to deliver a speedy and extra reliable page, and it’s finally out.

Second, we’ve redesigned the user interface, providing a simpler user experience.
To do this, we divided the page into four basic sections, which are detailed below:

1) Event information is at the top, which includes the event name, event code, schedule, location, capacity and settings of the event. This information is configured in the Event Create/Edit page (For more information on Event setup, visit Events on the ASAP Support Site).


2) Actions are now easy to view and properly access via a drop-down menu. By simply selecting an option from the menu, you may purchase tickets, edit the event, view links to online registration, view event media or cancel the event.

ASAP Event Registration Software - Options Detail

3) Ticket Sales Details are now in one place. This allows you to see the crucial event information in a snap: total tickets sold, total revenue (broken down by ticket types) and remaining tickets available. It will be easier than ever to track sales and plan accordingly!


4) Attendance Details is the place to find information on your ticket holders. It displays the name of the primary ticket holder, as well as all tickets purchased under that name. Additionally, you can refund tickets from this section on an individual basis. You may also export this list to Excel, providing a check-in or attendance list for the event.


To learn more information about Events, be sure to check out the ASAP Support articles on Events. We’ll be adding additional articles in the future, as well. We look forward to your questions and comments.