Last night (likely in the wee hours of the morning), our team deployed the newest module into the ASAP system: Afterschool Programs. This new feature-set was designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of Afterschool providers, adding yet another tool for leaders and educators to effectively deliver high-quality learning experiences to their communities.


And while there is almost always a lot of passion and excitement when we deliver new features to our users, this particular module held a special place in the hearts of our entire team. As a family-oriented (as well as owned and operated) business, we have a wide-range of experience and respect for afterschool and out-of-school organizations and have always felt that we can’t truly meet our stated mission of providing and expanding community through high quality tools for education and life-long learning providers without addressing the needs of this particular group.


At a personal level I have an un-ending debt of gratitude for the directors, administrators, counselors and volunteers who have always worked so hard to provide positive experiences for all three of my children. In fact, next week marks the unique milestone in which the last of my three boys heads to middle school, ending an unbroken 15-year run for our family having at least one child in public elementary school. And with budget cuts ravaging schools and too often gutting art, science, and just plain old physical play, my hat goes off to everyone in the afterschool community for stepping up to the challenge and always finding new ways to enrich our children.


For those of you for which this update is applicable we look forward to your feedback and hope that it can help you spend less time in administrative tasks and more time providing rich experiences for your kids. For all of our kids.