We’re improving this latest version of ASAP every day, and whenever we do we’ll tell you about it here. We’ll also let you know when an update is made by messaging you in the current version of ASAP (we’ll try not to bother you too much). Only folks who have been invited to view the ASAP Beta will see those messages.

Who exactly has been invited to the beta? Currently it is only those of you with System Configuration user access (usually just the top-level administrators). We’re doing this to give you a chance to look at the new product first, and then decide when and how to announce it to your staff (eventually we will announce it to a broader audience once we feel like it’s ready).

Can folks who haven’t been invited to the ASAP Beta try it out? Absolutely. Just tell them to login to the current version of ASAP first, and then go to admin.asapconnected.com. That’s it. Oh, and maybe send them here too for a quick explanation of where everything is.