Membership Management

Discounts, Passes, and Access

Offer single or multiple membership categories for programs, facilities, discounts and passes. Offer single or family memberships. Power up your CRM with detailed reporting.

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Discounted Member Pricing

Manage different types of memberships or customer groups and offer different levels of services and prices.

  • Powerful Membership Engine
  • Tailor Prices to Different Members
  • Facilitate Customer Loyalty


Promote Member Services

Keep members apprised of organizational news, events and your latest renewal offer. All from one central portal on the web.

  • Automate renewal reminders
  • Manage Invitational Events
  • Customize Email Templates


Facility Access and Check In/Out

Give your members identification cards to track access to and from your rooms, buildings, and other facilities.

  • Scan In And Out Of Facilities
  • Validate Attendance
  • Collect More Data